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Wireless Tech Radio

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If you can''t listen to the show live, don't forget about the archives. By listening on the archives, you can catch the recorded version of the show at your convenience!

If this is the first time you plan to listen to the radio show, you may need to download a copy of Windows Media Player. Don't fret, there are versions for the PC and the Mac! Get Windows Media Player

Catch Us Live

Archived Shows in MP3 Format (click here)

Nortel Network's Kidz Online provides streaming services Nortel Network's Kidz Online kindly provided streaming services for Wireless Tech Radio for almost two years.

Contacting Wireless Tech Radio

Please contact us if you have any ideas for a story on the radio show or if you would like to become one of our sponsors.

To contact us while on air, use Instant Messaging AIM: JimSuttonVA , MarlonOffice, or SteveStroh2.

For show ideas and advertising, contact:

co-hosts Marlon Schafer or Steve Stroh:

Marlon Schafer
Odessa Office Equipment
Odessa, WA
(509) 982-2181

Steve Stroh
Be sure to check out Steve's Wireless blog at


Wireless Tech Radio highly endorses Electro-Comm Distributing - when you need gear and advice without hassles, check out Electro-Comm and attend their annual EC-Expo coming up again in January in Denver!!

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Transcripts - Audio files are not friendly to everyone? If we found offered transcripts of segments as a premium to recoup costs, would you pay for them?